June 4, 2023

In today’s article I am going to tell you that when will bsnl 4g launch Complete information about While on one hand telecom companies like Focus, Vi, Jio and Airtel have started providing 5G network service, on the other hand BSNL is bringing 4G network in present times. For information just seen BSNL company did not start 4G network service at the same time but only after few months. Then come friends know in this article when will bsnl 4g launch And when will bsnl 4g come Almost correct information.

when will bsnl 4g launch

if you want to know when will bsnl 4g launch So its ripening date did not come out. The only information coming out from the company is that BSNL’s 4G service can be started in the year 2023 itself. According to the information, it is being told that BSNL company has partnered with TCS. BSNL has partnered with TCS company. Now further the company’s plan is that it is going to install 40000 towers in Bihar. Will be installed only in Bihar. There is a plan to install up to one lakh towers across India.

when will bsnl 4g launch
when will bsnl 4g launch

Whether such big towers are ripe or not. No information was received about this but it is being told that the company is still planning. The arrival of BSNL 4G in India is still a long way off. BSNL company’s 4G service will take more time to come to India, in this time 5G service will come all over India. Now it can be understood from this that BSNL is still lagging behind to a great extent in providing 4G service.

when will bsnl 4g come

As we told you that 3G service can start in 2023. BSNL has added 11 lakh new connections in the attached month. The company is also very happy with this report. You know that jio is the most customer deck company in a short time. Yes friends, Jio company has become the company with maximum number of new users. In the coming time, as soon as BSNL starts 4G service service, then the cost of any plan is also seen less, which will be much less than Jio.

But the problem is that if the 3G network speed of BSNL is not good then how will the 4G speed be good. I am a resident of the city and 3G internet also does not run properly, so its 4G speed will also be equal to the 3G internet speed of the second observation. The exact details will be known only in the coming time that how much BSNL’s 3G internet speed is going to be available.

I believe we have convinced you of this on this blog”when will bsnl 4g launchdescribed in the article when will bsnl 4g launch i.e when will bsnl 4g come By which you will know a lot. In the coming time, a lot more information will come out to the BSNL company. as soon as we get some information when will bsnl 4g launch So, we update in this article so that you will always be up to date.

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