Bitcoin Exchange Volume for 12 Major Exchanges

There are many reasons for keeping track of cryptocurrency exchange volume. For instance, you can use it to compare the price of cryptocurrencies with one another in order to determine which exchanges are most efficient when it comes to trading. A blog article giving the average volume of bitcoin exchange in each country.

The Daily Volume

The value of a bitcoin fell from a high of around $1,000 to a low of about $200 in January 2018. That was a 70% drop in value over just 10 days. The rapid price fluctuations have been attributed to the rapid increase in trading volume by other cryptocurrencies. All the major crypto exchanges have made some form of moves to capture the market. One of these moves has been to put in place trading volume indicators. A new study by CryptoCompare, comparing the daily trading volume of 12 major exchanges, shows that Bitcoin still reigns supreme.

Daily Volume by Currency

The top 10 currencies in the world by volume traded on a daily basis in 2017 were USD, BTC, EUR, JPY, GBP, HKD, CNY, RUB, IDR and INR. Last year, Bitcoin trading volume increased at an exponential rate. As people became interested in crypto, the demand for it naturally grew. Bitcoins are now traded on twelve major exchanges.

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Weekly Volume

According to, the total volume of all Bitcoin exchange transactions over the past week was $3.91 billion The volume of Bitcoin on each exchange is recorded for 12 major exchanges. The first column is the average daily volume for the last week, second column is the current performance of that exchange on a daily basis, third column shows the percentage change from the previous week’s performance.

Monthly Volume

Bitcoin exchange volume is a term used to describe the number of times one particular bitcoin was traded on an exchange. It is not an indicator of how much bitcoin is being traded, rather it’s an indicator of how many bitcoins are being traded on the exchanges. Bitcoin exchanges make up a large part of the global cryptocurrency market. There are many different exchanges, with no one exchange having a majority of the market share. The most important factor in choosing an exchange is what volume they have on a monthly basis.

Yearly Volume

The amount of money is mostly dependent on how many people are using the service. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, with a value per coin of around $3,000. Bitcoin exchange volume is a major indicator of the overall adoption and growth of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin exchange volume is calculated by looking at the yearly volume for each exchange.


For the year 2017, the bitcoin exchange volume of twelve major exchanges represented 24% of all bitcoin trading volume. Bitcoin Exchange Volume for 12 Major Exchanges The following are the average daily trading volume for twelve of the most popular bitcoin exchanges. This data is provided by the CoinMarketCap website.

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