June 4, 2023

Bharathi Kannamma 2 yearns for Bharathi Kannamma: Bharathi Kannamma 2 Upcoming Story, Spoiler, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on pagalnews.com

Bharathi yearns for Kannamma Vijay Television’s popular show Bharathi Kannamma Season 2 is gearing up with more drama with Kannamma rejecting Bharathi’s love.

Earlier it was seen that Soundarya was angry with Sharmila for eating non-veg. He punished Vijay by cleaning the house. Venba was determined to take revenge on Soundarya for insulting her mother. Bharathi misses Kannamma and decides to meet her at Moongilpatti village. The villagers stopped Bharti from entering the village.

Bharathi is disguised as a bangle seller and goes to the village to meet Kannamma. He takes Madhu’s help to meet Kannamma. Kannamma refuses to meet Bharathi. Bharti is adamant.

In the coming episodes viewers will see; Kannamma will complete her work. The villagers will be surprised to see his work. The priest will take Arulvakku from Ayyanar. Kannamam will be upset if there is no sign of rain. She will be worried about her work.

Kannamma will be happy when it starts raining. Meanwhile, Vijay will be determined to take revenge on Soundarya for humiliating her. Sharmila will plan to kill Soundarya. Later, Bharathi will give lift to Kannamma.

Bharathi Kannamma yearns for 2 Bharathi Kannamma

What will happen next?

Will Bharti’s wish come true? When will Kannamma accept Bharathi’s love?

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