Being Called ‘The Strong One’ Has Its Downsides – 8 Ways to Manage When Everyone  In USA  Expecting You to Handle It All

As a result, what you do is excellent.

The people in your life may have learned to rely on your consistent performance since they know they can count on you. Actually, you may be able to foresee the problem and respond before anybody else even notices.

Like Luisa in the Disney film “Encanto,” perhaps?

Are you breaking down under the strain?

Your family, coworkers, friends, and even your parents or extended family may all feel the weight of expectation on your shoulders, even if you don’t have Luisa’s ability to literally move mountains.

That’s great for the office or the house, until it isn’t.

Being exceptionally talented has its drawbacks.

How can there be a drawback to being exceptionally good at one or many things?

You gradually grow to believe that you are your talent or ability, like a drip, drip, drip process. Attention and shout-outs are what you enjoy most. Being appreciated is a wonderful feeling.

You start to become mixed up between who you are and what you can accomplish over time. As time goes on, the two merge into one.

Who are you if you aren’t attaining your goals?

This is the point at which you begin to think that your performance has morphed into your identity, and you begin to believe that if you don’t keep up the good work, you’re a failure. Is it any better to be nothing?

This fear is what motivates you to keep pushing yourself until you experience the grasp, grip, grip that won’t let go, just like Luisa did.

Taking back your power

Pressure can be alleviated, but it’s not going to be easy and may take some time.

After all, the pressure you feel on the surface didn’t come crashing down on you in a matter of hours. To lessen the pressure and find your joy and relaxation will require some deliberate effort, just like the steady drip of the faucet.

Reclaiming yourself and breaking free from the crushing weight of pressure are just eight of the ways you can reclaim yourself.

Don’t do that!

If you sense a need, it doesn’t imply you have to fulfil it..

Find out what you stand to gain.

Do some self-reflection and ask yourself why you’re always doing what needs to be done. If you don’t like the response, you might want to rethink being the only one.

Identify the things that you’re afraid of.

If you don’t do what’s required, the fear will whisper something to you. Listen to what it says. You can’t get rid of your fears if you don’t face them head-on.

This is the fourth stage of decline.

Next time, politely decline. Give someone else in the family or at work an opportunity to shine.

Don’t put yourself under pressure by setting high standards for yourself.

If you accept their demands, expectations can be a suffocating burden. As long as you haven’t already agreed to fulfil someone else’s expectations, you don’t have to worry about them.

There is so much more to you.

Keep reminding yourself that you’re more than what you’ve accomplished.

Get to know the side of yourself that has been obscured by your accomplishments.

Take a moment to play with the part of yourself that likes to play in mud puddles or wait until the last minute to volunteer.

Pay attention to your own well-being.

Embrace the simple pleasures in your life, such as taking a bubble bath, singing at the top of your lungs, or dancing unapologetically.

It’s important to remember that the goal is to appreciate your full self, not just the accomplished or talented portion of you. You’re so much more than that. ‘Cause you are.

A day may come when you realise that you’ve reclaimed yourself and aren’t buckling under the weight of it all.


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