March 31, 2023

BCG Full Form in Hindi (Full Form of BCG), , In our country, elders are also taken care of along with children, because when a child is born, immediately after its birth, the child is vaccinated by a nurse or a doctor. And in the most susceptible, the vaccine given immediately after the birth of the child is known as BCG. BCG is the name of a vaccine, which is administered to the new born baby. (tuberculosis) It is given immediately after birth to protect against

This vaccine is given in many countries along with India. This neonatal vaccine is also called a vaccine, for the sole reason that it is of great benefit to the patient in providing protection against TB. Apart from this, doctors also use this vaccine for the treatment of bladder tumor or bladder cancer.

Note :- Today we are going to talk about what is BCG, what is the full form of BCG, what is BCG called in Hindi, and we will give you complete information about it. bcg full form in hindi

bcg full form in hindi (bcg full form)

The full form of BCG is “Bacillus Calmette-Guérin”. It is called “Bacillus Calmette-Guérin” in Hindi. BCG is what helps prevent the spread of TB infection to our lungs. Therefore, it is mandatory for all newborns to get this vaccine to prevent TB infection after birth.

What is BCG (What is BCG vaccine)

The full form of BCG is (Bacillus Calmette Guérin) Vaccine plays a very important role for the body as it is the vaccine that mainly makes the child ill with TB disease. If a person does not get this vaccine immediately after the birth of a child for some reason, then he can get this BCG vaccine done even within 15 days of birth, but that person should get vaccinated. at the time of the birth of her child.

It is considered extremely necessary to implement it in oneself. Apart from this, zero dose of oral polio is also given to the newborn, the full form of BCG is Bacillus Calmette Guerin Vaccine, because doing so helps the body to fight against minor infections. Very little money is given in this vaccine. So if you get your child vaccinated once, at the right time, at birth, it will help protect the child from TB disease for life.

Who should not get the BCG vaccine?

(1) It is not advised to prescribe this vaccine to everyone, according to which there are some people who should not get BCG-Bacillus Calmette Guerin vaccine, which are as follows:-

(2) If someone has a serious illness, he BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guérin) Should not get vaccinated.

(3) Children of mothers who received during pregnancy should not receive this vaccine. For this, a specialist and doctor should be consulted.

(4) Do not get this vaccine if there is lack of immunity or any spontaneous acquisition.

(5) Cancer related should not get this vaccine.

(6) A potent live vaccine has been received in the last 4 weeks.

Why is BCCI given at birth?

(1) BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) remark plays a very important role for us.

(2) Let us tell you that this vaccine provides protection to the child from TB disease.

(3) It is very important to get this BBCG vaccine within 15 days of the birth of the child.

(4) Where it is mostly seen that the child is given this vaccine in the hospital.

(5) A child who is vaccinated with BCG-Bacillus Calmette Guérin is also given a zero dose of oral polio.

(6) You need not worry about it, as this vaccine is very safe, secure and easily available.

(7) If you get your child vaccinated once at birth, it helps protect the child from TB disease for life. bcg full form in hindi

How does the BCG vaccine work?

(1) The BCG vaccine mainly works to prevent the TV from taking hold at the influential sites in our body.

(2) The vaccine contains a weakened strain of Mycobacterium bovis, whose action stimulates the immune system to respond to the bacteria without causing disease.

(3) This vaccine gives us almost 99 percent survival from this disease.

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(4) Our body contains antibodies, which also protect us from bacterial infections in the future.

(5) Mainly BCG vaccine helps our body to make antibodies against TB bacteria, by which TB can be easily protected.

(6) Whereas mostly it has been found that, this vaccine works to protect us from many diseases in which we can get easily dehydration, muscle cramps, increase in the intensity of diabetes, sodium and carbohydrate deficiency etc.

(7) This vaccine is used to control and prevent many statements and symptoms of the body.

(8) Its a process that serves to play an extremely important and vital role for our health.

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