June 3, 2023

big youtubers who make free fire game badge 99 face reveal Is done. You must be aware that every week a video is made on Free Fire in the Badge 99 YouTube channel and in this video there is only Free Fire paan. Lots of audience follow and pick up Badge 99. Badge 99 only puts videos related to Free Fire on YouTube channel, out of which most of the videos are direct.

badge 99 face reveal

After many days, the badge 99 face reveal has come out. badge 99 face reveal Regarding this, its teaser badge was put in 99 youtube channel and told that on the coming 1st date i.e. on the first day of the new year itself, the audience will see his face. Bharat Singh, the owner of Badge 99 youtube channel has already completed this thing. His name is Bharat Singh who was making videos on Freefire for a long time i.e. since 2018. Its gameplay was the most over Free Fire.

badge 99 face reveal
badge 99 face reveal

face reveal badge 99

for some time now badge 99 face reveal Nef Face was neither shown to his people nor his identity was visible on social media. Quite a lot of audience got accumulated in youtube channel. After which it kept a surprise on the first day of the new year. badge 99 face reveal It was For information, you may have guessed that Bharat Singh did not show his face like this but made a special video which is of 10 minutes 12 seconds. Got the audience till the end of this video badge 99 face reveal , The audience was also shocked because before this the audience had never seen its face but only heard its voice.

Bharat Singh’s YouTube channel has crossed 9 million subscribers. Views used to come on its videos around 6 lakh to 7 lakh only. But as soon as Bharat Singh put a teaser about his face Ravil in his YouTube channel, he got a lot of views. Eligible for 1 views exceeded. Now the video on which Bharat Singh showed his face has crossed 10 lakh views in 2 days.

The video of the first video was very well made and awesome and the audience has also expressed good love on the video. Once you must have started reading the comments which have come on its video. Bharat Singh’s face has become a river but people, Ajju Bhai’s face is in the river valley. People want to see the real face of Ajju Bhai because Ajju Bhai has not shown his face till now.

Ajju Bhai’s YouTube channel has reached 30 million subscribers, yet Ajju Bhai hasn’t shown his face yet. Audience shuns him to a great extent but Ajju Bhai does not want to keep personal things in front and that is why he does not show his face to the people. Problems may arise for Ajju Bhai at the time of arrival after the appearance of the face and this is the reason being told not to reveal in front of Ajju Bhai.

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