Analyzing His Face Is All You Need To Know About A Man’s Personality In A Relationship in the United States

According to Jean Haner, a self-described “specialist in facial features” and author of The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading, the structure of a person’s face can tell you a lot about their compatibility as a partner.

He says that your face is a “blueprint for who you truly are inside” and somehow, makes the case for exterior genetics intrinsically travelling inward. Haner She’s made a list of things to look for and things to avoid in a potential partner.

So much for inner beauty, haven’t we? God help those of us who may have been unlucky enough to lose the facial lottery of a poor relationship, yet here we are.

A man’s face structure might tell you a lot about his potential as a romantic partner:

In the event that he has, then

Lips that are both plump and full

You can find a “sensitive guy who is emotionally available” by scanning the next packed pub, she advises.

If a guy has a bottom lip that’s bigger than his upper lip, he’s usually a shameless womaniser.

In her opinion, it’s a sign that they are more hedonistic and have a tendency to be disloyal. It’s possible that just one woman will not suffice.

Lips that are too thin

If a man’s lips aren’t visible, he “doesn’t care at all,” according to this rule. That’s not good. The thin-lipped males of the world, unite! Quick! Get thee to a lip enhancement facility as quickly as possible!

Hollow cheeks and a boney nose

Make sure your future relationship is with a man who has, “a bony nose [and] sunken or hollowed cheeks,” if you’re a religious person. Those are the most “spiritually sensitive” of all the traits, she concludes.

We’ll disregard the fact that the phrase “sunken or hollowed cheeks” has a spooky, unsettling quality to it. Just put it all behind you.

Ears that are very large

One of the guys she studied had a “rule breaker” hairline that signified his confidence and willingness to take risks, as demonstrated by Barack Obama, one of the men she studied.

He has the look of a passionate spouse in the face of fame.

Are there “ideal” face types for finding a spouse?

If all men, women, and beasts had the same attractive face, the world would be a better place. Alex Rodriguez would be the best candidate.

“He has the face of a romantic ideal. When his ears are pointed, it indicates that his emotions are on the upswing. The fact that his top lip is larger than his lower one suggests that he is prone to stirring up trouble in romantic partnerships. This man isn’t one to be trifled with “as Haner describes.

He and Jennifer Lopez had a passionate relationship while it lasted, so it’s understandable that they broke up.


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