March 31, 2023

on Tuesday amit mandal road accident After which Amit Mondal died due to news on the internet. So friends, if you haven’t heard, then for information, let me tell you that recently on Tuesday, an accident happened on Amit Mondal’s road. According to the information, Amit Mondal was going somewhere in a two-wheeler. Similarly, he had an accident and this accident was also not small but big. So let’s know the complete details regarding Amit Mondal road accident in this article.

amit mandal road accident

Amit Mondal’s road accident happened in West Bengal Amit Mondal was going or coming somewhere with his friend through his scooty. By the way, he had an accident on the way. The information about how this accident happened has not come out yet, nor have I found it on the internet. In this accident, another bike rider who was going to another pedestrian also had an accident and it is being told like this.

amit mandal road accident
amit mandal road accident

Mondal had fainted after the accident, which was sent to a nearby Amit hospital by passers-by. After sending a message to Amit Mandal in Sikkim Hospital, the doctor of the hospital kept his pass for some time and immediately sent a message to a hospital in Kolkata as the condition was getting worse. For this reason it was filled in a hospital in Kolkata. Amit Mandal died shortly after and this death is said to have happened on Tuesday.

If you do not know about Amit Mondal, then know that he is Uber from a community that people used to make people. Its YouTube channel is named after My Life Amit Mondal, on which the number of subscribers had crossed 3 lakhs. On the other hand, the number of followers on Instagram had crossed 1 lakh. However, there were Amit Mandal days which could not run smoothly. Even then, with the help of tricycles, people had made mourning to go to Udar. After that Amit Mondal had taken the scooty. This scooty used to eat itself because there were tires on the side for balance.

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