June 4, 2023

Ali Baba fights Roshni for a unique Undekh Ali Talisman: In today’s article, you will get to see new updates about Ali Baba Ek Andaz Undekha Ali Ke Taweez fight with Roshni, if you like to read the article, then in this article website you will be given all the updates related to the serial, And also you will get to see written updates about more TV serials through this website, so going ahead, I am going to give today’s update about Roshni fight for Taweez of Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andkha Ali am.

Ali Baba fights Roshni for an Andaz Ali amulet

SAB TV show Ali Baba Ek Andaz Undekha is going to witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around SimSim’s search for the talisman and Ali’s efforts to save the world from SimSim.

Earlier we have seen that Simsim attacks Marjina and Ali when she sees the same tattoo as Kameela’s people and gets suspicious. She spares Ali alive for the same. An unknown woman saves Ali from attack. Ali tells Dadi about the strange woman who is rescuing him and asks who is it. Dadi reveals that she is his mother. Ali asks Dadi about his mother.

Dadi says she is like a fairy and also a very powerful magician. Simsim notices the wound on the woman’s painting and understands that it is none other than Ali’s mother Roshni. However, Ali and everyone else feel that she is no more. Simsim decides to use Ali to get the talisman from his mother.

Simsim asks Ali to get the talisman for him but Ali declines his offer. Simsim kills Dadi to intimidate Ali for the safety of his family and make him work for her. Simsim threatens the lives of the entire people of Parwaz if Ali is not ready to bring him the talisman.

Everyone pleads with Ali to accept Simsim’s demand. Ali had no choice but to agree. Ali comes to Simsim and says that he is ready to get the talisman for her and asks what should she do. Simsim says she doesn’t trust him and wants to go with him.

He asks where he should go and Simsim says that there is a place in Hindustan and he creates a magic smoke to take them there.

In the coming episodes, we will see that Roshni attacks SimSim and his men. Simsim provokes Ali by saying that his enemy is not only him but everyone who tries to get hold of the talisman. Ali fights with Roshni.

  • Will Ali be able to meet his mother?
  • Will SimSim be able to find the talisman?

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