June 3, 2023

On which subject to make a blog in 2023? Make Youtube Blog on which topic? 20 hot topics in 2023? As you all know how much competition has increased in YouTube in 2023, and in this I tell you all the complete information with the help of my article.

On what topic should a blog be made in 2023, if you are a YouTuber, then you also have a thought that which topic to choose for YouTube and start your blog.

If you are a new youtuber and thinking about starting youtube then you should work on trending topic of youtube and start your blog.

You will also know that now there is a lot of competition in YouTube too, if you do any niche work on which many people are already working or doing it, then it is very difficult for you to make that channel successful. will happen

If you also want to become a successful YouTuber, then below are 20 hot topics which are very popular in 2023, on which you can start your blog.

On what topic should you make a YouTube blog? 20 hot topics

Now I will show you the list from which you will start your channel, that is, if you create a channel, then it is going to be very beneficial for you, but for this you will have to read the whole post.

1, comedy 6. Cooking
2. traveling 7. Biography
3. Blogging 8. Video Editing
4. Digital Marketing 9. Coding
5. Job 10. Photography/Photo editing…
Make youtube blog on which topic

1, comedy

Comedy Videos: If you also like to do comedy, then you can make videos on it and people can entertain your audience through your videos and make good money.

2. traveling

I also love to travel, if you are fond of traveling, then this niche will be very good for you and you can also guide people about every place, and give information about that place.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a very big niche in itself, if you know how to catch your phone well, then you can do blogging well and make your blog a profitable blog.

4. Digital Marketing

You can easily make a video on this by taking some information about digital marketing, you can get good cpc on this subject, this is a very good and very big niche, if you want to work on the niche of digital marketing, then You can make a video and put it on youtube.

5. Job

Jobs vacancy is coming every day somewhere if you give people update about all these things then you can make a profitable blog/video for yourself because there is huge amount of traffic on jobs website if you are interested in this niche If you work on this, then you can also bring traffic / views by filling your video.

6. Cooking

If you like cooking, there is nothing better for you than youtube, this is the best way to earn money from your blog, you can try it.

7. Biography

Not only biography of actor/actress, you can also tell about the biography of the leader, country and foreign business man, not many videos have been made on biography, this is a very good niche, you should work.

8. Video Editing

Video editing does not cheat you sometimes, if you are good at video editing, then you can teach someone on YouTube or you can work with a YouTuber by coming in contact with him.

9. Coding

If you are a coder then you must know to code with Harry and you have a great grip in coding, then you can make coding videos and give people a lot of knowledge from your blog, such as: – Python Language Html, Css, Python, Java, Javascript have a good hold in all these languages, so you can make videos on each language as well.

10. Photography/Photo editing

Photography You can also click on the photo and give information about the pose or edit it and make a video and put it on YouTube, and you can also make a blog on photography.

11. Movie or Series Reviews

Don’t know how many Movies or Series are live today, no one can make their own video by giving a review of the upcoming Movies or Series.

12. Shayari, Motivation, Jokes

If you do not want to show your face, then you can also make a video by writing poetry, motivation, jokes.

13. Make Money

If you know about the way to earn money then you can make money by earning it is a very profitable place but the more profit it is the more competition is there

14. Health and Fitness

It is very difficult to stay healthy, in such a situation, you can give healthy suggestions in youtube, what can be better than this, on this niche you can earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing.

15. Technology

Technology also has a good cpc but Tech Niche does not get many views but it is not so that you cannot make a Profitable Blog, yes it can definitely say that it may take some time for you to earn money from your blog but not so It is true that you cannot earn money from Tech Blog, if you have more knowledge about Tech, then you should also tell other people.

16. Yoga

If you like doing yoga or you have a lot of knowledge about yoga, then you can also work on the niche of yoga.

17. Sketch

Sourav Joshi used to draw earlier, he had 2 million subscribers, so he finished the video, but there is very little competition in this niche, if you know how to draw, then definitely start working at this place.

18. Mobile Phone Review

All like to see mobile phone reviews because before taking mobile it is very important to know about it very hot topic, if you have more knowledge about mobile and also like to read review about mobile then you can do it Like to read, you can also make your blog on Niche

19. Investment (Stock Market)

Investing (Stock Market) people feel that by investing money in the Share Market, the money sinks, completely sinks, if you do not have knowledge about the Share Market, then the money will sink, that is why it is said that the share market Invest your money only if you have knowledge.

If you are making a video on the share market, then you must have a good knowledge about it, only then you can make a video about the share market.

20. Guide Tutorial

In today’s time people are earning a lot of money by making blogs on guide and tutorial niche, if you have good knowledge about something then you can make guide and tutorial blog.

I have told you about the low of the top, if you ask anything in these low, then definitely ask, if you are really into video making in YouTube, then start from now on holding any low, blog / video making on it. are giving |

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