June 3, 2023

2000 note band
2000 note band

Just a few days back from RBI 2000 note band The information which has been kept in front of everyone, about which we are telling you in this article of this blog. After the demonetisation in the year 2016, when the shortage of 100, 500 rupee notes was seen in excessive quantity, due to this people were facing a lot of problem in getting cash. In view of this problem, notes of 2000 notes were started to be printed, due to this the problem faced by people regarding cash can be overcome.

Compared to the smaller notes, it has been observed that people started using the Rs 2000 note in very small quantities. By doing this, the printing of Rs 2000 note was stopped in the year 2018-19 itself. In today’s time, as I am seeing that very less quantity of 2000 rupee notes are being seen in the market. So now the question comes about the closure of 2000 note, such as when the 2000 note was closed, how long will the 2000 note be deposited and many more questions.

When was the 2000 note closed?

2000 rupee notes are not going to be banned now but after a few months. On Friday, May 19, information has come out from the Reserve Bank of India that after September 30, 2000 rupee notes will be completely closed. However, before September 30, if you spend 2000 rupee notes in the market, then it will work. When it comes to banks, then the bankers will not give you 2000 rupee notes, but they will keep only one note with you so that 2000 rupees notes do not remain in the market.

what to do with 2000 note

Do you have 2000 rupees note lying with you now, then there is no need to panic. Because you have time till 30th September to panic with the 2000 rupee note in the bank. The time is very difficult so that you can easily get the 2000 rupee note exchanged before 30 September.

How many numbers of 2000 rupee notes can be changed

The news has come out from the Reserve Bank of India that in a day we cannot get more than 20 thousand rupees of 2000 rupee notes exchanged or jammed. If you have more than 20 thousand rupees notes of 2000 rupees, then in such a situation, you can exchange the notes every day with a little dust. Like on the first day to exchange 20 thousand rupees 2000 rupees notes, on the next day also to change 20000 rupees or less than 2000 rupees notes. Similarly, you can change and deposit only Rs 20,000 or less in Rs 2,000 notes during the day.

When will 2000 note be deposited

We can get the 2000 note deposited before 30th September. In these cases, the bankers will not answer any questions from you regarding the exchange of 2000 notes. That’s why you can go to the 2000 note bank without worrying or get it changed. If you are thinking of panic in the 2000 note bank with an amount of more than 20 thousand rupees in a single day, then in such a situation, the bankers ask you to change the note in small amount because according to RBI, more than 20 thousand rupees can be exchanged in a day. Rs 2000 notes cannot be exchanged.

till when 2000 note is closed

Not now but after 30th September only Rs 2000 note is going to be banned

Are 2000 notes banned?

Yes friends, the Rs 2000 note is going to be closed and the Reserve Bank of India had informed about it on Friday, 19th May.

How long is 2000 note valid

By 30 September 2023

what will happen to 2000 note

No need to think much as RBI has asked to change the ceiling of first Rs 2000 note before 30th September – admission in any bank.

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