June 4, 2023

Saurav Joshi News If you find out, then 30 hours at night, YouTuber Saurav Joshi is a thief in the vlogs’ house. This Saurav Joshi was at home i.e. had gone to his own forest for a walk. Before committing the theft, the thieves came to know that Saurav Joshi’s family was not at the house, due to which it happened that the thieves targeted the house in the absence of Saurav Joshi’s family. In this event also such an environment has been kept.

Aima was going to Chora Chora would be charging inside Joshi’s house by breaking the wall and so on. … about such Souravs who are related to their family members Saurav Joshi News The time is given in the article.

Saurav Joshi News
Saurav Joshi News

Sourav Joshi’s house should have CCTV installed and it is only with their help that now the thieves can be detected. The police was informed about this. Now the police and forensic team is inside Soura’s house and further investigation is done. In the coming time also, Saurav Joshi will get information about the news.

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