March 30, 2023

This article we are going to tell you how to connect fan speed Means how to increase the speed of fans in easy ways. Sometimes i.e. after running for several months, the speed of the fans decreases a little, and in some lasers, it is just less. How do I tell in this article that the fan speed and with due to low fan speed Also telling you about, so get detailed information.

how to connect fan speed

Most of the people want to increase the fan speed because somewhere their fan speed is either very low or a little low. Another reason could also be that people want to increase the speed of the fans a little more than the new ones. So know what is given to increase the speed of the fans in a precise way:

how to connect fan speed
how to connect fan speed
  • capacity change

Replace the capacitor in the fan with a new capacitor. Because when it takes more than 2 years for the capacitor to be installed in the fans, then in such a situation, the difference in the speed of the fans due to its low power is visible. So you can make the speed of capacitor new razing fans same as before.

  • add grease to the fan

The fans also need glace because after a few years the glace inside the fans dries up due to which the fan runs on wear and tear. If the fan is running for the last few years and grease is not inserted in it, then grease can be inserted and for this the fan has to be opened. However, if the fan is jammed, then you can pour mustard oil on top of the fans to make the work work, so that the fans will not wear and tear and the speed of the fans will increase.

  • clean the wings

Most of the people know that there is soil on top of the wings. A little observation of the movement of the wings due to freezing of the soil does not give much. By clarifying the wings properly, the brightness of the speed of the wings can be increased. In the upper part of the stones, soil is also poured from inside the road. However, this soil can therefore be struck if the motor is opened when there is no need to do so. Because only when the Gliss is on, the cleaning inside the motor starts.

In which fans the speed is allowed by applying more power capacitor

Most of the people on the internet say that if the speed of the fan increases, then apply a capacitor with more power. For example, if you have a 2.25 microfarad capacitor across your fans, it will drain a capacitor around 3 microfarads of 2.50 or more. In this way, increasing the speed of the wings increases the risk of rotting of the wings. If your fans use a capacitor of 2.25 microfarads, then even a capacitor of 2.50 microfarads cannot be used more if the speed of the fans is increased.

The more powerful the capacitor, the more powerful it is first installed in your fans. Due to this, there is no fear of quick reduction in the life of the fans.

how to increase fan speed

New capacitor reference and Gliese reference.

What will happen if a large capacitor is applied to the fans?

The fan speed increases significantly, slightly increasing the risk of fan failure if a high power capacitor is installed, and also slightly reducing fan life.

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