March 30, 2023

If you want to know about the reason for the low speed of your fans, then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to put before you not one but many reasons, which you can check with your senses and see why the speed of real fans is low. Due to the reasons given by us in this article, you also get to know which are the reasons for the low speed of the fans and for what reasons this happens, so let us know.

due to low fan speed

There can be not one but many reasons for the low speed of the wings, the details of which are given below through points:

due to low fan speed
due to low fan speed
  • the power of the capacitors is greatly reduced

The biggest reason for the low speed of the fans is the low power of the capacitor. The capacitor in the new fan is of good quality and lasts for a few years. After a few years, its power decreases due to which the speed of bearing fans decreases. First you see whether you had changed the capacitor of the fan before or not and if you have done it then its time has passed.

If you have never changed the capacitor in the fan, it means that ever since you bought the new fan, you have never put a new capacitor in it. If the fans have had more than 3 years to live, it means that your fan capacitors have lost a bit of power. Due to the decrease in the power of the capacitor, the speed of the fans also decreases. That’s why you remove the capacitor from the fans and install a new capacitor with the same power, the speed of your fans will be the same as before. The work of installing a capacitor with oil lasts for a long time.

If you ever put capacitors in the fins before and it’s been around 2 years since you marked the capacitors, you’ll still be putting new capacitors in the fins. In such a situation, the capacitors available in the market do not work well for many years but only around 2 years, after which the speed of the fan also decreases due to the decrease in its power. No need to reinvest the capacitors if it’s been 1 year.

So overall, by installing a new capacitor, the speed of the fans becomes faster. However, the more powerful the capacitor is applied, the more power is already applied to the fans. Applying more power wall capacitors slightly increases the speed of the fans, which causes the fans to heat up faster and get hotter slowly. After which the fan winding gets warped due to excessive heating.

  • The weakness of the regulator means that the power is greatly reduced.

Due to the failure of the regulator or the reduction in the power of the regulator, which means that the life is reduced, the fan starts slowly in the first order. You want to set the fan regulator to a number such as number 1 to number 2 etc. Try running the fans at full speed through the fan regulator. Knowing through the full speed regulator, if the fan is remaining low even in any speed, then the fan can change the regulator.

The fan regulator is too old or its power is reduced, due to which the fan speed is low. For this, you can tell about the speed of the fans by calling the electric switch and it will turn on and check and increase the speed of your fans.

  • a sound was heard in the wings

If the sound is heard from the fans or is heard very less, then it means that the bearing of the fans has either deteriorated or it needs a grease investment. Due to the loss of grease in the bearings in the wings, the bearings wear out due to which we hear the sound. Because of this also the speed of the wings decreases. You can pour mustard oil through the picture on the top of the wings to get the job done. Adding mustard oil will make the bearing smooth so that the fan will not wear and tear.

  • jammed bearings

There are two bearings inside the wings, of which there can be one or two bearings. To check this, you can squeeze the wings by hand and see which wings are stopping properly or not. If the fan is stopping quickly it means bearing jam. So there is a need to put glue in the wings and for this the wings have to be opened.

According to the picture given above, give a little bit of mustard oil from behind the wings i.e. from above. This will ensure that the bearing will not jam but will rally. The fans run at the same speed before pouring mustard oil on top of the fans.

  • Panjra Not being in good company

Due to lack of good company fans, fans do not run for long. The first reason is that the material is of poor quality and the winding is not made of copper but of some other material that is inserted into the fans. The presence of copper in the winding fans reduces the cost of the fans. That’s why you should buy a fan of a good company which can support you for a long time.

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  • Winding power is reduced

If none of the above advice has worked for you, it could mean that the strength of your wings has reduced considerably. If the power of the winding is less, it means that it has been many years for your fan, so there is a need to buy a new fan or make a motor for the fans. It is better to get the fans checked by an electric lock than to make a motor for the fans. However, it is better to get a new fan than to get the motor of the fan made, which will last for many years, in which it is available for one to two years.

  • don’t forget the cage

In some urban areas, while in most of the cities, it is seen that the houses do not have full voltage but less. 240 voltage is the amount of voltage received by the fans while 220 voltage is at least enough to run the fans at a good speed. If the voltage in your house is low in between, then the speed of the fans will remain low. For this, a small machine named voltage regulator comes, due to which the voltage comes equal when the house is locked, that is, the whole house gets the full voltage.

why fan speed is low

The reason for the low speed of the fans is not one, but there are some reasons why the fan speed is low, such as:

  1. capacitors being more than 2 years old
  2. fan longevity more than 5 years
  3. fan regulator power loss
  4. Weakness of fan winding
  5. Fan being of good quality like winding not being of good quality

my opinion

In this article, we have told you several reasons for low fan speed, which will come in handy for you. You must keep in mind that most of the reason for the low speed of the fans is the low power of the capacitors and this is mostly seen with logging. Even after installing the capacitor, if the speed of the fans is not coming in any way, then you can call the power plant off.

Don’t fix the fan alone because you can be a part of the job because you get life only once and not again and again. In order to work for free, you can increase the speed of the fans by yourself. If you do power work well then only you can increase yourself with the speed of the fans.

why the fan speed is low

The biggest reason is that the speed of the fans decreases due to the low power of the capacitor.

how to increase fan speed

New capacitors are unnecessary.

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