June 3, 2023

If your question is where is Nalanda University located, then this article is perfect for you. In this article inside this site, I am going to give the complete address in detail so that you will know about the university as well as some information related to it. Whether you can also go to the real thinking of Nalanda University and for this the help of phishingers can also be taken because Google keeps creating and watching Gmail live.

Where is Nalanda University located
Where is Nalanda University located

Where is Nalanda University located

Nalanda University is located on Hatchbeela Road. It is in Chhabila Road neighboring area and it is in Rajgir Bihar. Nalanda University is situated on Chhabila Road in Rajgir area in the state of Bihar. If you want the desire of Nalanda University, then we have given the link below, after clicking on which you can see the complete account of Nalanda University, which is the place of Nalanda University.


East is the capital of Bihar and Nalanda University is situated at a distance of 90 km from the east. The state in which Nalanda University is situated, the pincode of the state is 803116 which is of Bihar. Online giskal users provide good reviews about this Nalanda University like one user told people to visit Nalanda University as it is good place according to them.

Along with this, the atmosphere here is also very good according to the people. However, you can get complete information about this only after watching different photos of Nalanda University on the internet and its videos on YouTube.

Why is Nalanda University famous?

People want to know about Nalanda University because it was very famous in the past and is still today. The reason for this is that many years ago there was a store of books in this Nalanda University. According to information, Nalanda University used to have 9 million or 90 lakh books. Here all these books were destroyed by some person and the name of that person is Mohammad bin Bhaktiyar Khilji. Its full name is Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji, who was given the authority, which was dangerous and it was he who destroyed 90 lakh books stored in Nalanda University and this is many years ago.

According to old records Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar, who was given the authority, was a sloka freak who killed it not only the books but also the intelligent students. According to old records, this incident is being told in the year 1199 when Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Filmji, who was given authority, burnt 9 million books and killed some students. In today’s time, the illiteracy rate is very high in Bihar, whereas many years ago, most of the people here were intelligent because of the seller of books.

Before Nalanda University, Nalanda Mahavihara used to be located which was founded by Kumaragupta. Nalanda University was established in the year 1951 at the behest of Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Mukt Dr. by Rajendra Prasad. Today Nalanda University has become a tourist destination as its history is recorded in the records. The history of Nalanda University and Nalanda Mahavihara is recorded in the books only, which can be read by more teachers in schools somewhere in today’s time.

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