June 4, 2023

Olive oil is also of two types, one of which is normal olive oil while the other is extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is 100 grams of olive oil. Both olive oils are used in the same way, but they are made in different ways and their prices are also different.

Both the olive oils are used for the same purposes like applying on the head, deep frying, applying on the body etc. The difference between the two types of olive oil available is that one oil is prepared from the seed while the other is prepared from its sawn. Although the use of both olive oil is the same, there is a difference in its price and its benefits.

Olive oil 100 grams is right
Olive oil 100 grams is right

Olive oil 100 grams is right

The price of 100 grams of olive oil will be seen around 100 rupees. The price of 100 grams of olive oil also reaches 300 rupees because that oil is extra virgin olive oil, which costs a little more than normal olive oil. Instead of 100 grams, you should know the price of 1 liter of oil because the cost of taking more oil is less per gram. For now, if we want to know the price of 100 grams of olive oil, not 1 litre, its details are given below with different types of senses:

Description of Ordinary Olive Oil 100g

Regular olive oil usually costs less than extra virgin olive oil. Most people use ordinary olive oil only because it is available at a low cost. The price of simple olive oil will vary from company to company, here’s an average price:

Description of Extra Jean Olive Oil 100g

Extra virgin oil can cost 30 to 50 percent more than regular olive oil because it is made from olive trees. The latest charge for 100 grams of Extra Olive Oil will vary from company to company which is as follows :

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