June 3, 2023

Kinnar ko paise se pay se kya hua tha (What happens by giving money to kinnar) because this has been going on for a long time and people give them money too. However, eunuchs can be given different types of equality from the people, out of which money is the most important. Because only with money they can run their life with their expectation. Most people do not know about what happens by giving money to eunuchs, that I am telling you in this article of this blog.

Kinnar may or may not ask for anything else, but they definitely ask for money because they can buy what they need according to their senses. In auspicious work like marriage eunuchs have access and from there they try to fix a lot of money and no one does anything but gives money with their senses. So know what happens if you give money to the right eunuchs.

what happens if you give money to eunuchs
what happens if you give money to eunuchs

what happens if you give money to eunuchs

Giving money to eunuchs is considered auspicious. Today’s situation has become such that some people refuse to give money to eunuchs and the reason for this is smoking to see the change in the behavior of eunuchs. Because some time ago, if a little money was given to eunuchs, they used to take it. Because of the increase in hide-and-seek, now transgender people demand more money for the first one. For this reason, some people refuse to give, while some people agree to give them less money by giving a little preference.

For this reason, in today’s time, eunuchs try to take more money and everyone argues with them because eunuchs don’t want any person more money. The second reason for demanding more money from eunuchs is said that these people ask for money not every day but only in a year complaining. For this reason, they demand not less money but more money.

It cannot be given clear information that what happens by giving money to real eunuchs. I can definitely tell you that giving money to eunuchs is considered auspicious and no one refuses to give them money. So if you have any eunuch who needs money or asks for something that you can give, you can give it. Kinnari should not be refused anything. If you cannot give the same thing to eunuchs, then it means that thing will be very important for you, then you can refuse.

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