June 4, 2023

Friendship of Arif Gurjar Saras You must have definitely heard about both of them who recently became very popular on the internet that different media people started spreading their story on the internet and spreading the news about the friendship of Arif Gurjar Saras to the people. Friendship of Arif Gurjar Sasaras became popular on the internet in a single day that now both of them were seen.

In this article we will give you Friendship of Arif Gurjar Saras Will share the complete details about it, as well as tell what happened to the special stork that the forest department took it away. The forest department took away the stork, but now it is not found. So let’s know the complete details about the friendship of this Arif Gurjar friends and the latest news about Saras further in this article.

Friendship of Arif Gurjar Saras

Arif Gurjar, the year of friendship of friends was about to start from 2022. Talking about Arif Gurjar, he found a crane in the field and his leg was broken. The stork was unable to fly because of a broken leg. Due to flying, Arif Gurjar had an eye on the cranes as soon as he took them to his house to fix them. If possible, Arif Gurjar’s leg can be cured through home remedies.

friendship of arif gurjar saras
friendship of arif gurjar saras

After doing home remedies for some time to cure his leg, when his leg and pain got cured, he was released. Sarvas was not going to his home i.e. was not returning to the place where he used to live. Like this, the stork started living with Arif Gurjar for many months. Talking about Arif Gurjar, he also used to eat food with the stork as if eating both of them in the same plate. Y Accounts of Saras and Arif Gurjar eating in the same plate. While doing this, Arif Gurjar became friends with Saras.

Arif Gurjar had told in the interview that he never kept the stork tied so that if he wanted to go home, he could go and if he wanted to roam in the forest, he could roam. That’s why Arif Gurjar never used to keep the stork tied up. When someone posted a video of Arif Gurjar Saras’s friendship, it went viral. One person after another enters the internet by making videos with him, due to which everyone’s videos start going viral.

The video of Arif Gurjar’s friendship with the stork started becoming so viral on the internet that the media people also reached Arif Gurjar’s house to record the video with him so that people could know the enjoyment of watching human love with any animal.

The forest department took away the stork

Yes friends, you have heard absolutely right that the forest department has taken away the stork. this happened when Friendship of Arif Gurjar Saras After going viral on the internet, the forest department took the stork from Arif Gurjar as it was a national bird. The stork was released into the wild after being taken from Arif Gurjar. Conscious of the law of the land, it is illegal to keep national birds as pets. After knowing this, the Forest Department team was asked to take back the stork from Arif Gurjar and leave it in the forest.

After this the forest department team went to Arif Gurjar’s house after which the stork was taken in the car and along with it Arif Gurjar also went along. In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, in a forest, Arif left the stork in the forest and went away secretly on the instructions of the forest department team.

After this what happened together with Arif Gurjar

Arif Gurjar went home after the stork was kept in the forest, after which he came live through social media because the maximum number of advertisements were seen with Arif Gurjar. For information, you should also know that the Forest Department team took the stork into their business only after Arif Gurjar signed the form. According to the latest information, let me tell you that Arif Gurjar is not eating properly because he has a lot of storks which are no longer with him.

will the stork return

As soon as this matter reached Akhilesh Yadav, he ordered Arif Gurjar to return the stork to the forest department. Akhilesh Yadav gave many reasons that storks are happy only with Arif Gurjar and when it is illegal to keep national birds if they are kept tied, while Arif Gurjar used to keep storks in the open i.e. not by tying storks. Used to keep So that the stork can go anywhere he wants or go to his home if he wants.

As far as I think Saras will be sent back to Arif Gujjar. The task is that the Forest Department team did not find the stork in the forest where the stork was released in the area of ​​Bihar in Uttar Pradesh and it is being told so. The forest is big, so it is being told that the stork is being searched so that it can be sent to Arif Gurjar forever. Saras will be happy with Arif Gujjar as their views are aligned and so is their friendship.

If the child is separated from the mother and sent to some other home or some other place, the child who is happy will not respond to it. Once the child’s mind is connected with the mother, then the child will not live without its mother. Even if the child is left somewhere else, he will send a message to the child to find its mother. This is the reason why the stork is not found because the stork accident in the forest – Udrath is wandering to find its master Arif Gurjar. It was because of the wandering of the stork that he went away.

The forest department team is looking for the stork. Once Saras is found, he will be immediately released to Arif Gurjar as he will be happy there. Even the stork is not going to enter the forest without Arif Gurjar in mind and he is also not eating properly while trying to find his master.

latest update about saras

We will update the most recent or related updates at this place as soon as we get them. For more you can read this article in full.

my opinion

Consciously rearing national birds is illegal under Indian law, so the same applies if they are reared knowingly. While Arif Gurjar reared the stork so that the leg of the stork could be fixed. It took Akshay time for his leg to heal and in the same time Arif Gurjar became friends with Saras. Because of this friendship, instead of going back to the jungle, SARS stayed with Arif Gurjar because he was getting happiness and enjoying there.

If a person keeps the national bird, then there is no precedent. The same will be considered if a person mortgages the national bird as a pet or prevents it from going into the forest. That’s why Arif Gurjar is given Saras Ghata because he does not mortgage it but catches it outside in the open. So overall the animals should not suffer and the animals should be happy. Similarly, Saras is happy to come with Arif Gurjar, so both will not be happy if Arif Gurjar is separated from Saras, especially Saras.

Arif Gurjar will still convince his heart because he has been brought up according to Indian rules, the stork does not know about this, nor can he be told or understood. From my senses, I told my mother-in-law back to Gurjar. I pray to God to meet him soon and send him to Arif Gurjar as he will be happy there. As soon as we get the latest update regarding Arif Gurjar Sars friendship, we will update this article with different topics.

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