June 3, 2023

There are quite a few people who ask the Internet to help me translate. People ask this because there are very few people who have no idea how to do the final translation and that is why they ask the internet to help me translate. By the way, crimes can also be committed by oneself and there are many ways of this. Because of being too much, there may be somewhere some people shy away and want to take some kind of help.

So in this article, I am going to share with you the tool of Google company, with the help of which the use of language is possible. Along with this, how it uses the tools of google company and how to reach those checkpoints, about which you will know in an article on this site.

help me translate
help me translate

Help me translate – method number 1

It has to be seen which language you want to translate into which language. In India, most of the English language is translated into Hindi language because it is necessary to understand the English language. With the help of whatever method we are telling below, you can do and translate any language.

  • First of all you open any one network like makmal, opera network etc
  • After this now you will search in the search box “Google Translator”
help me translate
  • Now two boxes are placed in front of you
  • Now which language you want to translate into which language will translate that language
  • Now you will choose the language according to the picture as we are choosing English
help me translate
  • Now whatever you write in the first box, the translation will appear in the box below.

With the help of the above methods, you no longer need these questions on the internet to help me translate. Because now the way to answer this question of yours is given in this article. This is the easiest way to translate any language. With the help of above mentioned methods you can translate words quickly question rarely get the meaning of word translation.

Help me translate – method number 2

Above was mentioned a simple way to mirror the language in other language, that may not be too many words. Which users ask questions to the Internet such as please translate more words. So in this case Google is going to help you because Google has its own Google translator site which is capable of translating up to 5000 words in any language and it is also free. So now how do we translate all the words to a large extent from a site called Google Translate as given below:

  • Will search “google translate” on the internet
  • By clicking on the first number website as per the picture which is the translating website of Google company
help me translate
  • After the Google Translate website, now you will select the second language in which you want to translate
  • Now whatever you type in the previous box will appear in the lower box as shown in the picture.
  • If you want to copy these words, then touch above the words and get it for 1 second. Then after clicking on select all option, clicking on copy button will copy the words

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