Things Men Like To Hear From Women

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In many cases, men are easy to please and even easier to understand. A lot of women overestimate how much a guy actually wants in a relationship or how much he needs to feel appreciated. Men can often be made to behave like a piece of putty by saying the proper words. Unfortunately, these aren’t … Read more

We’d Like to Leave These Horrible Neighbors Behind Us


Houses, condominiums, apartments, and townhouses all have one thing in common: neighbours. They come through the walls, over the fence, and even from above and below. They’re like zombies, except instead of eating your brain, they are set on making your every waking moment a nightmare—and in some cases, sleeping times as well. From loud … Read more

Brewing Tea Mistakes Everybody Makes


Sitting down to a beautiful cup of tea and getting a mouthful of bitter, caustic liquid is one of life’s greatest surprises. What went wrong and why? Why is this happening again and again? What you need is focus. This is good, because you haven’t paid attention. To brew green tea at the same temperature … Read more

How Soulmates Stay Together Forever: 11 Little Secrets


After finding your soul partner, what will happen to you? How is this relationship different from any other you’ve had? It’s not uncommon for people to harbour romantic notions of finding a soul mate in the context of a fairytale. In order to be taken seriously, they either expect a superhuman level of mind-reading abilities … Read more